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Fish Chowder

2 lbs Wild-caught white fish
4-5 Strips of raw bacon
1 Onion
2 Tbsp butter
1 Medium zucchini
1/2 cup milk/heavy cream/ chicken stock
1 Bunch fresh dill

Chop the onion and bacon strips
Add butter and saute over medium heat until the onions are soft and the bacon is cooked

Dice the zucchini and add to the pot

Continue to cook over medium heat, covered, until the zucchini is soft

Add the fish and liquid (use milk/ heavy cream or chicken stock for less dairy)

Leave on medium heat for approximately 10 minutes, covered, without stirring
After 10 minutes, stir (while breaking up the fish with your spoon) and decrease heat to medium-low
Cover and continue to cook, stirring after another 10 minutes

Add fresh dill and stir
Continue to cook for another 10 minutes

After 30 minutes total, mix the chowder well and serve


Cream of Vegetable Soup with Sausage Meatballs

Soup Ingredients:
1 cup heavy cream
3 apples, cubed
1-2 cups squash, cubed
1 red pepper, chopped or sliced
1 medium onion
2-3 cups broccoli (frozen ok)
2 Tbsp butter
small bunch of fresh sage
6-7 garlic cloves


Soup Instructions:
Cook all vegetables in a large pan with butter, over medium heat
Cover and allow vegetables to cook for approximately 20 minutes or until most vegetables begin to soften

Put the vegetables in a food processor or blender
Add heavy cream and blend

*Add any spices you want… I used chili pepper, garlic and black pepper

While the vegetables are cooking… begin to prepare the sausage meatballs

Sausage Ingredients:
2 lbs ground sausage *I buy sausages from Whole Foods and remove the casing
1 scallion, diced
Approx. 1/4 cup chopped green onion, chopped
1 apple, cubed
1 Tbsp Italian seasoning
6-7 garlic cloves, chopped


Sausage Instructions:
Mix all ingredients (except green onions- these are for topping) together and make into meatballs
Bake in a casserole dish at 425 for approximately 20-25 minutes

Serve bowls of soup; top with meatballs and green onions

Enjoy! : )

Paleo (Go Pats!) Chili

2 pints grape tomatoes (or approximately 6 larger tomatoes)
1 cup fresh garlic cloves
1 jalapeno pepper (more for more spice)
2 large green peppers
3 medium onions
4 Tbsp  chili powder
4 Tbsp garlic powder
2 Tbsp cumin
1 tsp cayenne pepper
2 lbs grass-fed ground beef
2 Cups of water
Blend tomatoes, garlic and jalapeno pepper in a food processor
Put mixture into a crock pot or large pot on the stove

Cut onions in quarters, place in food processor
Cut green peppers into quarters and remove the seeds, chop together

Mix onion and green pepper with the tomato mixture
Add 2 cups of water
Cook over medium-medium high heat until mixture starts to boil

While tomato mixture is cooking, prepare the ground beef
Cook over medium to medium-high heat until brown, breaking into small pieces as it cooks

Once cooked, add beef to the crock pot or large pot

*For faster cook time in a crock pot, set to medium-high heat for 3-4 hours- no attending necessary
*For slower cooking in the crock pot, set to medium-low heat and cook for 7-8 hours- no attending necessary

*For faster cook time on the stove, cook over medium to medium-high heat for approximately an hour- stir every 15 minutes or so
For slower cook time on the stove, cook over medium-low heat for 2 1/2 to 3 hours- stir every 30 minutes or so

Top with desired chili toppings (here: cilantro and raw cheese, I also enjoy chopped green onion, sour cream or guacamole)

Enjoy 🙂

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