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Lemon Parsley Chicken



I’m a fan of any dish you can cook in just one pan. This lemon and Parsley Chicken recipe is simple, fast and sure to please!

You’ll need a large skillet/ frying pan with a lid. (This can easily be made in larger or smaller quantities, as the measurements are approximate.) I always recommend cooking in bulk and having breakfast or lunch nearly prepared the next day!

Serve with a salad, roasted or mashed sweet (or regular!) potato or steamed vegetables.


Approximately 2-3 lbs chicken drumsticks
1 medium purple onion, cut into slices
2-3 Tbsp ghee or coconut oil
2-3 lemons, cut into quarters
1 small bunch fresh parsley, chopped
Sea salt and black pepper to taste

1) In a large skillet, cook onion in ghee or coconut oil over medium heat.
2) Once the onions start to become translucent, add chicken drumsticks.
3) Squeeze the lemon over the chicken. Add lemon rinds to the skillet with the chicken. (You can use a cheese/veggie grater or a zester on the lemon, too)
4) Add 1/2 the parsley and sea salt and black pepper as desired.
5) Continue to cook over medium heat until one side of the chicken is browned, approximately 12-15 minutes.
6) Flip the drumsticks, turn heat to medium-low, cover and continue to cook for approximately 20 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked thoroughly. Garnish with remaining parsley (maybe more salt and pepper) and serve.


Primal Cooking Workshop


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Here it is-

The Primal Cooking Workshop!

Keirsten’s Kitchen was asked to put together a short cooking video for this event and will be featured in a bonus video as part of the package! I was honored to be a part of this group- and I made my FIRST EVER cooking video for it! (Hint: ingredients include grass-fed beef and a crock pot!)

Register for the 5 day event by clicking here!

The Primal Cooking Workshop is a fun and exciting 5 day event.
It features today’s most popular Paleo/Primal foodies, bloggers and experts in the health and nutrition industry teaching you how to take your cooking to the next level.If you’re sick of eating burgers and sweet potato fries and need some new ideas- this event is for you!

Here is what you get for the 5 days… The world’s best known Paleo and Primal Nutrition experts, authors and chefs convene for this ONLINE event to teach you the art of REAL FOOD and Primal Cooking!

Who’s presenting, you ask? Well…

 Day 1:

Primal Toad

Mira and Jayson Calton
Best-selling authors of Naked Calories and Rich Food, Poor Food and experts in the field of nutrition and micro-nutrients, they have been featured on Fox, CNN and are the founders of caltonnutrition.com

Steph McCormack
Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, athlete, blogger and founder of stupideasypaleo.com

Todd Dosenberry
Creator of primaltoad.com and author or Toadally Primal Smoothies


Day 2:


George Bryant
Creator of CivilizedCavemanCooking.com and author of Caveman Feast.

Kathryn Kos

Blogger and Founder of PrimalBlissNutrition.com

Camille Macres

Founder of RecipeRX.com and author of Paleogasm.

Day 3:

ute mitchellAbel James and Alyson Bridge
Abel is the best-selling author of Fat Burning Man and founder of FatBurningMan.com. Alyson is a blogger and creator or GlutenFreeEats.com

Ute Mitchelle
Blogger, creator of GrokettesMusings.com. Operations Manager at FastPaleo.com.

Jon Randles and Barbara Kapran
Founders of SexFoodandKettlebells.com and nutrition and movement experts.

Day 4:

real food forager
Bill Staley and Hayley Mason

Best-selling authors of Make It Paleo, Gather: The Art of Paleo Entertaining and 30 Day Guide to Paleo Cooking.

Eric Hulse
Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, author and blogger at EricHulse.com

Dr. Jill Tieman

Clinical Nutritionist and blogger at RealFoodForager.com

Day 5:

balanced bitesJennifer Fugo
Certified Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and founder of GlutenFreeSchool.com

Mary Shenouda

Personal chef, coauthor of Summer Eats and founder of PaleoChef.com

Diane Sanfilippo

New York Times Best-Selling author of Practical Paleo and creator of BalancedBites.com. She’s also a Certified Nutrition Consultant.

Register during the PRE-Launch period
(July 28 thru Aug 4)

and receive some exclusive preview videos and other bonuses!

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Chicken Pizza Casserole

For me, the best part about pizza is the sauce, cheese and pepperoni! So why not just make a meal with those three ingredients, and throw in some organic pastured chicken thighs for some added protein? Kids love this dish, especially if you call it “Chicken Pizza Casserole!”

2 lbs. pastured chicken thighs (boneless are easier to use)
2 cups organic tomato sauce
(Any additional seasoning to add to tomato sauce- I used Italian seasonings and garlic powder)
A handful or so of sliced/chunked nitrate-free pepperoni
2 cups grated mozzarella cheese

Preheat oven to 400 F
Place chicken in a casserole dish large enough for single-layers of chicken thighs

Raw Chicken Keirsten's Kitchen

Add pepperoni slices/chunks evenly over the chicken

Raw chicken and pepperoni Keirsten's Kitchen

Mix spices and tomato sauce together and pour over the chicken and pepperoni

tomato sauce, Italian seasonings and garlic for chicken pizza casserole

Ingredients for chicken pizza casserole

Spread the shredded mozzarella over the sauce

covered in cheese

Bake at 400 for approximately 45 minutes


Keirsten's Kitchen Chicken Pizza Casserole

FastPaleo’s Top 100 of 2012!

1255.FP_Cookbook_Ads_Wide_Skyscraper_featuring_v1Keirsten’s Kitchen was featured in Fast Paleo’s Top 100 of 2012! In this eBook, you will find the top 100 recipes posted on www.fastpaleo.com, with contributions from some of the most popular Paleo/Primal websites, including the following:

Things My Belly Likes
GROKette’s Primal Musings
The Domestic Man
What I Gather
The Unrefined Kitchen
Carmen Eat Joy
Kate’s Healthy Cupboard
Sex Food & Kettlebells
Betty Rawker
Cavegirl Cuisine

…And much more!

fast paleo

Keirsten’s Kitchen in FastPaleo’s Top 100 of 2012!

Recipes include:

Stews, soups, breakfast recipes, crock pot recipes, chicken, seafood, beef, pork, desserts, salads, vegetable dishes and more!

Purchase of this eBook includes 4 FREE eBooks!

Fast Paleo’s Top 10 Muffin Recipes of 2012
Fast Paleo’s Top 10 Cookie Recipes of 2012
Fast Paleo’s Top 10 Smoothie and Beverage Recipes of 2012
Fast Paleo’s Top 10 Ice Cream Recipes of 2012

JG-FP-TR3-2-1 Top10Cookies-2012 Top10Drinks-2012 Top10IceCreams-2012

That is 140 TOP recipes from Fast Paleo for $14.97!

Here is what some Paleo/Primal folks are saying about the book:

“The most important thing when implementing any nutrition strategy is sustainability. When we feel deprived of our favorite foods we are tempted to go back to our old unhealthy ways of eating. This is why I love FastPaleo. With a 2,500 collaborative recipe database, which mind you is growing daily, anyone who wants to make healthy eating a permanent lifestyle change, has all the tools necessary. There is no shortage of culinary creativity and with the right combination of healthy ingredients, it is possible to still eat your favorite foods, like pizza, enchiladas, wings, pancakes, even sweets and treats, like cookies and cake, without guilt. FastPaleo Top 100 along with the four mini e-cookbooks is the fast track to the best recipes found on FastPaleo. It is a must have, whether you are an e-book junkie, a real food junkie or just starting on this real food journey.”
Vanessa Romero; Healthy Living How To 

“Many thanks to James and Ute for compiling such a great list of quick and awesome recipes. I am grateful to have been included in their selections with Big Tim’s GROK Pot Pulled Pork recipe. There are so many awesome recipes on FastPaleo.com to pick just 100 had to be a daunting task. To have a book such as this where it is user created, makes it unique and always creative. We are always looking for ways to come up with new dishes, and to have so many wonderful Paleo people living a healthy lifestyle show off their creations is just a pleasure to see how people can take simple ingredients and create wonderful and surely flavorful dishes. Thanks again for including me, and continued successes to you and your wonderful book and site!”  –“Big” Tim Swart; Big Tim’s Primal Journey

“This ebook truly incorporates the greatness of 2012!  Fast Paleo’s contributors never cease to amaze me with their talent and sheer devotion to healthy living.  This compilation is no exception — whether you’re looking for support or just love beautiful pictures of food — this is a must-have companion.”
Jennifer; The Paleo Prize 

“Fast Paleo’s Top 100 of 2012 has the widest variety of recipes all in one place! The recipes come from all different Paleo/Primal cooks, all with different strengths, styles and Paleo philosophies. This collection is prefect for any Paleo-goer, from the beginner to the avid Paleo enthusiast!” 
Keirsten Alana; Keirsten’s Kitchen 

Click HERE to get your copy!


Ranch Meatloaf

1 1/2 lbs grass-fed ground beef
1 egg
1 small bunch dill
1 cup chopped peppers and onions
1/4 cup Paleo ranch dressing- Keirsten’s Kitchen recipe here
1/2 cup almond meal

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl
Form into either 1 larger meatloaf or a couple smaller loaves

Bake in a glass dish at 375 degrees for 35-45 minutes, depending on size
(Cut in half to test it- if it is pink and soft, cook a but longer)

Serve with a side vegetable and enjoy!

Pictured: Garlic Brussels Sprouts from Keirsten’s Kitchen, recipe here

Lemongrass Chicken

2 lbs chicken thighs
1 Medium purple onion
1 Tbsp fresh, chopped thyme
1 Tbsp lemongrass powder
1-2 lemons
2 tsp garlic granules (or 5-6 chopped cloves of garlic)
2 Tbsp butter

In a pot, melt butter and mix in the thyme, lemongrass powder and garlic

Chop the onion and cook in the butter until they begin to soften, slightly

While the onions are cooking, lay the chicken thighs in a baking dish; single-layered

(You will want to use a deep dish, as there will be liquid added and may overflow)

Pour the onion mixture over the raw chicken

Squeeze the juice from the lemon(s) over the top of the chicken mixture

Bake at 425 for approximately 30 minutes; ensuring the chicken is cooked thoroughly (cut a larger thigh in half to check)

Serve and enjoy!

(Leftover broth is a great seasoning/marinade for vegetables, too! We ate the next day with steamed broccoli)

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