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Short Ribs and Fennel (Crock Pot Recipe)

2 bulbs fresh fennel
2-3 lbs grass-fed beef short ribs
7-8 garlic cloves
Water (see amount, below)
Sea salt and black pepper, to taste

Chop the fennel into thick chunks
Layer the fennel, garlic and short ribs in a crock pot, as shown below
(garlic and beef: fennel: beef)

Add just enough water to cover the top layer of beef
Cook on low heat for 3-4 hours, depending on the (low) temperature and size of your crock pot
(you can cook faster on high (1-2 hours) although the meat is more tender with slow cooking)

short ribs and fennel

After it is cooked, season with sea salt and black pepper, stir well

Beef and Fennel Stew


Ranch Meatloaf

1 1/2 lbs grass-fed ground beef
1 egg
1 small bunch dill
1 cup chopped peppers and onions
1/4 cup Paleo ranch dressing- Keirsten’s Kitchen recipe here
1/2 cup almond meal

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl
Form into either 1 larger meatloaf or a couple smaller loaves

Bake in a glass dish at 375 degrees for 35-45 minutes, depending on size
(Cut in half to test it- if it is pink and soft, cook a but longer)

Serve with a side vegetable and enjoy!

Pictured: Garlic Brussels Sprouts from Keirsten’s Kitchen, recipe here

Pesto Burgers


1 1/2 lbs grass-fed ground beef
1 bunch fresh basil
2-3 Tbsp olive oil
4-5 garlic cloves
pinch of black pepper
pinch of sea salt
*Optional– toppings for burger; see picture below for ideas

Combine fresh basil, olive oil, garlic cloves, salt and pepper in a food processor
Blend well

Add 1/2 the pesto to ground beef

Mix together with your hands
Make burger into patties

Drizzle remaining pesto over the top of the burgers

Broil in the oven for approximately 15 minutes, or until desired wellness
Or cook in a frying pan, 8-10 minutes on each side until desired wellness

*Caution– If grilling- add less oil in the pesto as it will cause more smoke and flame on the grill

*Pictured: Red onion, tomato and herbed goat cheese; side of fiddleheads

Top with desired toppings and enjoy!

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