In-Home Prep

Work long hours and feel like you don’t have time to make a healthy dinner during the week?

Don’t want to eat out at a restaurant or order takeout every night?

Have a family to feed with no time to make healthy meals?

No time to follow recipes?

Looking for some company or direction in the kitchen?…


1) Email or call Keirsten at or (207) 482-9799.

2) Keirsten will review a brief, preliminary screening with you and send you a proposed menu, tailored to your dietary preferences and needs. This may be done in person, if you live within a short driving distance, or done on the phone.

3) You review the proposed menu and give feedback to Keirsten. Something specific you’d like to try? Let her know!

4) Keirsten will purchase the groceries and prepare the food in your kitchen. (If there is prep needed beforehand, Keirsten may also prep food in her own kitchen before coming to your home to save some time, i.e. bone broth for a soup base.)

5) You pay for the cost of groceries and preparation per meal. Think about it, you’re going to buy the groceries anyway- why not have someone do the shopping for you? With just a little extra, you have your groceries delivered to you and made into meals for you!


$40.00 per meal, to be prepared and packaged in your home. Some meals may be cooked thoroughly and others may be prepared and left for you to cook, complete with cooking instructions from Keirsten. (Like fish- who wants to reheat wild haddock? Keirsten would prep the haddock and leave for you to simply put in the oven when you’re ready to eat it!) Meals typically consist of a protein and side dish, casserole-type meal or bulk protein (think crock pot pulled chicken) with an optional side dish.

(Meal sizes vary, depending on the number of people you plan to feed. One meal can be made to feed one person once, one person 3 times, or a family of 7 for dinner! (All for the same price!)

*No package and delivery; meals are prepared in YOUR home
*Extra charge for travel outside Greater Boise; contact Keirsten for details
not prepared individually; one session must include at least 3 meals, up to 7 meals

For more details or to schedule an in-home meal preparation service, contact Keirsten at:


  1. Bob Greer says:

    Our home is in Covington, Louisiana, and we have a summer home in East port Maine.
    Do you have Paleo meals prepared for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner five days a week? If so, Could you possibly ship them to use frozen or next day fedx UpS? We are doing this in Louisiana with great results.

    • keirstenalana says:

      Hello Bob. I don’t do prepared meals like that. I have toyed with the idea but have not yet some to a conclusion as to where I’d like to take the catering and in-home meal prep part of my business yet! I’d love to hear more about what you’re doing in Louisiana! Thank you for checking out my website!

  2. Bob Greer says:

    We have fit camp meals prepare our meals five days a week. My wife lost 60 lbs. and I have lost about 15 lbs. We feel much better on the Paleo diet, no bloating, gas etc. Energy level is great. Many reasons we feel we will stay on the Paleo diet for years. There are other companies that ship frozen Paleo entrees.

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